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The numbering one roof covering in the United States is asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are a cost-effective solution to the roofing needs of homeowners.  Designers, builders, and homeowners have many asphalt shingle products to choose from.


Asphalt shingles are know for their low cost and ease of application. In addition, asphalt shingles are popular due to their great look. No matter the architectural or style requirement, there is an asphalt shingle that will fit your needs. 

What are the benefits of shingle roofing?

  • Algae & fungus resistant

  • Durable & long lasting

  • Fire rated to meet building codes

  • Many colors to choose from

  • Many styles, sizes and thicknesses to choose from

  • Water repellent

  • Wind & hail resistant

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